CareSmart Antigen Test

Alliance DNA is proud to offer the next generation of COVID-19 antigen testing: CareSmart by AccessBio.This test is effective, inexpensive, and available, providing a quick 10-minute turn-around process at your point of care facility.

Antigen testing is recognized as a significant means of slowing the spread of COVID-19 because it is quick, accurate, and less expensive than most PCR testing.Antigen testing is also a diagnostic test, meaning it identifies the current presence of a virus.

What is an antigen test?
An antigen test is a diagnostic test used to detect certain proteins in a virus. Unlike an antibody test, an antigen test identifies the current presence of an active virus in the body.

Does this test require a painful nasal swab?
No, it uses an anterior nasal swab, which reaches just inside the nostril.

How many antigen tests are available in the US?
Currently, only 4 antigen tests are FDA authorized under EUA for use in the United States. Many of these have been sequestered by the federal government for use in hospitals and schools and are difficult to obtain.

When should I get an antigen test?
Click here to view our time-chart for COVID-19 testing relative to your stage of infection or potential infection.

Uses for this test include detection of a current infection for:

  1. Returning to work and/or school

  2. Playing on a sports team

  3. Visiting face to face with an older family member

  4. Much more

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