Fraternal or identical twins?

The importance of determining whether a set of twins are fraternal or identical goes beyond their physical appearance. It can also be a factor in paternity. A set of identical twins will share the same father. Unlike identical twins, fraternal twins can have two different fathers. Usually, when twins are born, the physician is able to tell whether twins are identical or fraternal by examining the placenta. However, if there is doubt about the determination that was made at the time of birth, a Twin Zygosity DNA test will reveal the truth.

This test compares the twins’ DNA profiles to see whether they are a match. If they are an exact match it proves they are identical twins.

  • Zygote is the product of the fusion of an egg and a sperm. The zygote develops into an embryo
  • If a woman releases two eggs and has sexual relations with more than one man during her fertile period she could have twins with two different fathers
  • Fraternal twins can have two different fathers
  • Identical twins cannot have two different fathers

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Statistical report showing the likelihood that the tested parties are related

  2. Specialized collection kit and return shipping to the lab

  3. The fastest results in the industry!

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