Anthony T, PA

You guys are the greatest. No other lab I contacted could do the test as fast as you guys without a huge upcharge. I couldn’t wait 3-5 days for a result but I also couldn’t pay double for a rush so thank you for making it all work!

Margaret L, TX

Thank you for taking the time to walk me through the process and to help me understand the final result. I appreciate having all my questions answered by someone at the lab.

James J, OR

I really appreciate the personal attention provided by the Alliance DNA team. This process is never fun but Alliance made it as simple and easy as it can be.

Elizabeth R, TX

I ran a maternity test for a child custody situation and was able to find a great collection location near me and get a completed result within the same week. Not having to pay rush fees for rush service was also a nice touch. Thank you for all your help!

Monica L, VA

Thank you so much Donna, I swear Alliance DNA has the very BEST customer service!

Richard T, FL

After this experience, I will never use another lab for any test I can run through Alliance DNA. Your customer service is surprising and your turn-around was right on schedule. Thank you for caring about the customer.

Rhonda R, AL

This isn’t a test I ever hope to need again but if I do, at least now I know the right place to go to get it.

Tyrel M, MD


Allyn A, MA

I was not expecting the results so quickly and frankly, I didn’t know I would even get a result from a licked envelope. I must say I am impressed.