Our earliest prenatal test available

A very important test for individuals wishing to discover paternity results before the birth of a child. Using complex biological data analytical algorithms we isolate free floating fetal DNA from the mother’s blood.

  • Determine paternity through a noninvasive procedure
  • Eliminates risk to the fetus
  • Can be performed as early as 9 weeks into the pregnancy
  • Receive results in 7-10 business days

It’s as easy as…

  1. Blood is drawn from the mother and a swab collected from the alleged father
  2. Fetal DNA signals are isolated from DNA found in the mother’s blood
  3. Fetal DNA is compared to the alleged father’s DNA

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Specialized kit for this non-invasive procedure

  2. Statistical report showing the likelihood that the tested parties are related. Unlike other non-invasive reports, ours includes a genetic profile for the mother and alleged father, which can be used for future relationship comparisons.

  3. World-class support!

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