Terms and Conditions

By requesting a DNA test through Vanguard Genetics, DBA Alliance DNA Laboratory, in Las Cruces, NM, you agree to be bound by the following Service Terms and conditions:

Legal Testing

To be legally binding, DNA tests must be shipped to the witness and/or professional collector, backed by proof of the identities of the test participants and a chain of custody of the samples collected (provided by a witness).

Each of the following must be a part of your legal test collection and processing:

  • One (1) unrelated, disinterested witness is required.
  • The home test kit must be shipped to the witness and/or professional collector.
  • The unrelated witness takes or observes the sample collection, in accordance with the instructions provided with the home paternity test kit.
  • Witness and Sample Providers must complete and sign the required paperwork.
  • Test participants must provide positive identification.
  • Test Participants (or legal guardian in the case of a minor or legally incompetent adult) and witness must sign and date copies of positive identification, or original photograph.
  • The witness must package and seal completed paternity test kit into the envelope provided.
  • The witness must send the sealed envelope, via 2nd Day Courier or better, to GTL.

Results Shipment

With legally binding tests, the test results will always be mailed to you or a designee, per your instructions. Informational test results are always available online and an optional hardcopy result is available for a slight fee. As a rule we do not give results over the phone, unless we have made prior arrangements with you to do so.

By default, we send result reports to the billing address given to us when your order was placed. If you need it sent elsewhere, arrangements can be made by contacting us.

Sample Retention

For Informational DNA Testing cases, we destroy the samples you submit to us immediately following the release of your results. Should you decide that you want us to archive your samples, we will archive them for up to six months for an additional fee. Please contact us if you need us to archive your DNA Test samples. For Court Admissible DNA Testing cases, we automatically archive your samples for six months at no additional cost.


Acceptable proof of positive identification includes one of the following (signed and dated):

  • Recent photograph, Polaroid or other that clearly identifies the individual
  • Clearly legible, color copy of a Military ID
  • Clearly legible, color copy of a State Drivers License
  • Clearly legible, color copy of a State or Federal ID

Disclaimer: Due to differences among courts and state laws, we cannot guarantee that a judge will accept the results of this home test as qualified evidence. However, if you complete the home test following all instructions exactly, and the witness is available to testify in court as to the administration of the test, the results should be admissible in a court of law. If you are unsure of the admissibility of this home DNA test we suggest that you ask your attorney.

DNA Test Refund Policy

If samples are not submitted within one year of case initiation, the case will be closed. If a refund is filed within 15 days of the order date, refunds will be issued according to our policies (see below). Refunds for DNA or paternity test kits, reduced price products and services, and International orders will not be issued: all sales are final.

All refund inquiries must be accompanied by our Refund Request Form. If DNA test services are canceled before shipping and/or handling, a $35 refund processing fee and $25 administrative fee per shipment scheduled will be deducted.

If the DNA test kit has already been shipped, a 50% refund will be applied to all unopened home paternity or DNA test kits once the kit
and unused FedEx return envelope has been returned to ADL by US Mail (must be postmarked within 15 days of order).

All returned checks will be electronically re-deposited without further notice. By paying for your DNA test kit by check, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Non-compliant DNA Test Samples

It is very important that the samples be received by the testing laboratory in the specified timeframe. It is important to comply to the allotted DNA or paternity testing timeframe. Failure to comply will result in additional costs associated with subsequent sampling or testing.

It’s important to us you receive the answers you need. In the event that your DNA testing samples do not meet the stated requirements, we will attempt to contact you via telephone. If we get ahold of you, we will give you the option to proceed with non-compliant samples at your risk, or to purchase a second DNA or paternity test kit and repeat the sample collection. If we are unable to contact you, testing will commence as scheduled.

Following fees applied based on case situation:

  • Resample/Retest: $40 per DNA or paternity test kit shipment (three participants minimum)
  • Proceed with Non-compliant Samples (or if we cannot reach you prior to test): $150 to resample and retest
  • Additional fees may be included for legal cases, international shipments, or DNA tests involving more than three participants