Terms and Conditions

By requesting a DNA test through Vanguard Genetics, DBA Alliance DNA Laboratory, in Las Cruces, NM, you agree to be bound by the following Service Terms and conditions:

Legal Testing

To be legally binding, DNA tests must be shipped directly to a trained and uninterested third party collector, backed by proof of the identities of the test participants and a chain of custody of the samples collected. Each of the following must be a part of your legal test collection and processing:

  • The test kit must be shipped to the unrelated, disinterested, trained collector.
  • The sample collector performs the collection in accordance with the instructions provided with the paternity test kit.
  • The collector and test participants must complete and sign the required paperwork.
  • Test participants must provide current government issued photo identification (not required for minors).
  • Test participants (or legal guardian in the case of a minor or legally incompetent adult) and collector must sign and date copies of the current government issued photo identification, or original photograph.
  • The collector must package and seal completed paternity test kit into the envelope provided and give directly to a courier. Test participants can never have possession of the kit before or after the sample collection.

Results Shipment

Test results will be sent to the email address provided at the time your order was placed. Results are not provided over the phone unless we have made prior arrangements with you to do so.

Sample Retention

Samples for informational DNA tests and nonstandard samples will be destroyed 60 days after release of your results. Samples for legal cases are destroyed 180 days after the release of results. Samples can be returned to the sender for an additional fee.

DNA Test Refund Policy

If DNA test services are canceled before shipping and/or handling, a $55 processing and administrative fee per case will be deducted from the refund. If the DNA test kit has already been shipped, a 50% fee will be deducted from the refund.

A $25 fee will be assessed for all returned checks. Returned checks will be electronically re-deposited without notice. By paying for your DNA test kit by check, it is understood that you agree to these terms.

Non-compliant DNA Test Samples

If the samples received do not reflect your order (quantity or sample type) additional fees will apply. We will attempt to contact you via telephone/email to obtain additional payment; the case will be placed on hold until we receive the additional funds.

Due to varying quantities and quality of DNA on submitted samples, there is no guarantee that a DNA profile will be obtained. If a useable DNA profile is not obtained and a recollection is required, additional fees will apply.

The following fees applied based on case situation:

  • Resample/Retest: $60 per test participant that must be recollected.
  • Nonstandard samples (any Category A sample besides a buccal swab or FTA card): $150 per sample
  • Additional fees may be incurred for legal cases, international shipments, or additional participants/samples