Establish paternity before the baby is born.

This is a medical procedure that is performed between 14-24 weeks gestational age. The mother must discuss with her doctor (OB-GYN) the potential risks involved, along with making arrangements to have the procedure performed. The procedure involves the insertion of a needle into the womb and drawing out approximately 10cc of amniotic fluid.

  • Test results can prove paternity of a child before the child is born
  • Amniocentesis is an invasive procedure done by your physician
  • Amniotic fluid is time sensitive and must be tested at the lab immediately
  • Your physician should be provided with a prepaid overnight shipping med-pak (not included) to ship the sample directly to the lab

*Processing time begins once the sample and completed paperwork reach the lab. Shipping time is not included in this calculation.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Dedicated support staff to assist you in the setup and reporting process

  2. Statistical report showing the likelihood that the tested parties are related

  3. The fastest results in the industry!

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