Establish paternity before the baby is born.

The CVS procedure is a medical procedure that typically is performed between 10-13 weeks gestational age. The mother must discuss with her doctor (OB-GYN) the potential risks involved, along with making arrangements to have the procedure performed. This procedure is done by removing a very small portion of the placenta through a vaginal procedure.

  • Test results can prove the paternity of a child before it is born
  • CVS is an invasive procedure done by your physician
  • If this is the option the mother chooses, you can coordinate the collection with the physician who can act as the disinterested third party collector for the legal sample collection of the CVS tissue

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Dedicated support staff to assist you in the setup and reporting process
  2. Statistical report showing the likelihood that the tested parties are related
  3. The fastest results in the industry!
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