DNA test for when the parents are unavailable

In cases where the mother or father is missing or deceased, the Missing Parent/Genetic Reconstruction DNA test helps in determining paternity or maternity by using the DNA from the maternal or paternal grandparents or siblings (parents of the missing alleged mother or father).

  • It is also possible to conduct this testing with only the child and both alleged paternal grandparents (mother excluded), but this should only be done when the mother is not available
  • With 24 marker testing at Alliance DNA, a missing parent test will always provide conclusive results. However, it is recommended to test the alleged parent of the child in question first, if at all possible. Contact us now!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  1. Statistical report showing the likelihood that the tested parties are related

  2. Specialized collection kit and return shipping to the lab

  3. The fastest results in the industry!

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